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Our Partnership


Tuflite Innovative Solutions has partnered up with Vector Foiltec GmBH , in Germany to bring to India a new and versatile material that will change the way we construct and design our infrastructure. 

We want to bring in modern roofing techniques that reduce costs of structure while being aesthetically appealing and creating the sense of  not just a building but an iconic ETFE roof or facade that uses ETFE cushions to amplify the overall look of the structure. 

Together with the expertise of Vector Foiltec and the on ground support from Tuflite Innovative Solutions , we can help you realise your design dreams. 


Texlon® ETFE. 

History of Vector Foiltec


Established in 1981, Vector Foiltec invented the ETFE cladding technology and remains the global specialist and market leader in this field. Today, we manufacture our product under the trademark of Texlon® and operate two high capacity production facilities. We hold the world’s most comprehensive body of related research data and continue to bring further technical innovation to the industry.

Our position as market leader stems from our unmatched ability to identify core project challenges and to deliver elegant and cost-effective engineering Texlon® ETFE solutions to a global market.  Our dynamic company culture, together with our international presence, enables us to react promptly to global project demands. 

Maintaining in-house multidisciplinary expertise continues to be a key factor in our success enabling us to resolve complex design issues efficiently. Our services include; initial concept through to scheme design, climate based optical and thermal assessment as well as foil and structural engineering analysis. Additionally we provide specialised production, installation and after sales services. Our primary goal is to deliver reliable cost effective solutions for our clients within a short time frame while remaining true to the aesthetics of individual projects.